Saturday, August 31, 2013


I guess I am in the point of my life where direction is amiss. Been trying new things to incorporate in my day to day activities in the hope of being able to see through things and maybe be able to determine what my purpose is.

I have also been travelling to places I have never been to and see possibilities and changes that may be relevant with the purpose God is trying to pull me into. One weird thing is maybe I do not know how to see through these things and I completely miss whatever He wants me to understand.

Looking at this painting my sister painted, I thought to myself, I can be the tree without the leaves. I exist; I'm present; I'm there - someone notices me and maybe is praying for me to grow but because of some circumstances, I guess - I'm just not moving forward. But why?

They said, the only reason why people are not able to see the window He has given us when the door closed, is because we we're still too busy trying to open that closed door, or is it because we actually cannot see that window?

See? I can't even explain that simple quote which I believe to be over-used; it's already a cliché in itself. It's crazy - I don't understand.

Every day is a challenge I go through like anybody else. I live life through believing that the day would turn out great and just fine. And that tomorrow is another promise that He will show me the way.

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