Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yesterday, I accompanied my dad in going to a local barbershop to have his hair cut. It was interesting for me since that the first time ever that I saw my dad having a haircut, let alone accompany him. I mean, I see him go home and then report that he had his hair done, but never really came to seeing him have it done in person, until now.

In this small barbershop, I was able to see men playing chess outside the shop and was kind of surprised when I entered the shop because apparently, women rarely go there. Although there was this young lady watching as a kid was having a haircut, I'm not sure though if the kid was hers or she was just an older sister bringing a 3 year old boy in the shop.

So, there I was, looking at 3 men having their haircut and I thought to myself, cutting hair seems fun and the barbers are fun too! They talk animatedly towards their customers and laugh and agree with whatever their customers seem to talk about. And boy, these men know when something's wrong with their haircut. I thought they just wait and see what will unfold of their haircut, boy I was wrong.

The photo above is something I just got from Google. I think it best describes the man who cut the hair of my dad, except that the barber actually did not have hair. Haha. I have a couple of guy friends who prefers to have their hair done in salons, but on a side note, these guy friends are not straight, so makes me want to ask if straight men going to barber shops and gay or bi men prefer salons? I'm sure it's not always the case. Maybe I just have few straight guy friends who prefer salons really. And maybe these straight friends are more into straight activities. HAHA. Does that even exist? *note the HAHA there :)

Anyways, the barber shop trip was faster than I anticipated, compared to women having their haircuts really. My dad seemed happy about his haircut plus he got a 5-minute massage which he seemed to have liked. Which is always a good thing. My dad said he really liked that one specific bald barber do his hair because he's good at it and since his other favorite barber died already. I'm thinking we really have that person whom we trust our hairs too. Won't you agree?

Too much for this barber trip. Got to make me some tea. Good night!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm kinda in the process of choosing the best photo of Alessandra Ambrosio to add in my blog today. She is like my girl crush amongst all  the pretty Victoria Secret Angels and thought of picking out a stunning shot she had last 2010 for the fashion show.

Anyways, a few days back, I read an article about "the abyss" being used as a term used to call the female reproductive organ. HAHA!! It was kinda crazy for me because I was eyeing this name for a while before really joining Blogger. And just a few days after picking this name, I read the article. Below is the article I got to read in

Should I actually change my name? I mean, vajayjays are great! They are the beginning of life and I just think they're fab! Tell me what you think!